Edward Verrell and Eliza Fauscett

Edward and Eliza were free settlers. Edward Verrell arrived in Hobart from Ireland. This information is provided on his death record. More research is needed to find out where he was born and how he arrived in Tasmania.

Eliza Catherine Fauscett (sometimes spelt Fawcett or Fausett) arrived in Hobart on 25 December 1854 on the ship William Hammond via Plymouth from Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. According to the record of passenger arrivals, she was 22 years old and arrived with no other family members. Her religion is indicated as Church of England. The remarks seem to indicate that she left due to there being some issue with her parents.

It is likely that they immigrated to escape the Great Famine and/or other upheavals that were occurring in Ireland at this time. A very large number of people immigrated from Ireland due to famine and political issues.

Edward and Eliza were married at St Josephs Catholic Church, Macquarie Street, Hobart on 23 September 1858 (refer marriage record above). As Eliza was a Protestant, this would suggest Edward was Catholic. The two witnesses to the marriage were Eliza's siblings William Faucett and Susan Jane Faucett. Willam and Susan had arrived in Hobart in 1857.

The Verrells had nine children, eight sons and one daughter.

William Henryborn 1859, died 1861Died in infancy
Eliza Esther (Lizzie)born 1861, died 1902 Married Frederick Shaw, son of convict James Shaw aka Sharland
Edward born 1863, died 1947 Married Mary Stubbs
William Jamesborn 1865, died 1939 Married Georgina Turner
Georgeborn 1866, died 1935Married Francis New
Ambrose born 1868, died 1945 Did not marry
Albert Edwin born 1870, died 1907 Did not marry
Walterborn 1872, died 1902 Did not marry. Drowned in River Derwent.
John James (Jack) born 1875, died 1912Did not marry

Eliza and Frederick Shaw had four children, three daughters and a son.

Clara Esther Shawborn 1892, died 1893 Died aged 5 months
Hilda Elizabeth Shawborn 1894, died 1966 Married David Harper.
Albert Frederick Shawborn 1898, died 1899 Died aged 11 months
Ethel Muriel Shawborn 1900, died 1986 Married Edwin James Watson

My grandmother was Ethel Shaw. Her mother (Eliza Esther Verrell) died when my grandmother was less than two years old. Ethel and her older sister Hilda were raised by a couple who were family friends.

Only two of the eight sons of Edward and Eliza Verrall had children.

Edward (Jnr) and Mary Stubbs had six children, five daughters and one son.

Olive Rubyborn 1888, died 1934Married John Fearnly.
Elsie Lindaborn 1890, died 1959 Married Albert Berkshire
Florence Elizabeth born 1891, died 1917 Did not marry
Sylvia Gwendolineborn 1894, died 1963 Married Alfred Buchanan
Berenice Evelyn Lillian born 1896, died 1921Did not marry
Walter Edward Fawcett born 1903, died 1949 Married Doris Mannering

Edward operated a photography business in Hobart in the late 1800s.

George and Frances New had four children, two sons and two daughters.

George Albertborn 1889, died 1897Died aged 7 years and 10 months.
Ernest Edwardborn 1891, died 1938 Married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ellen Carrier
Ella Louisa born 1893, died Married James William Martin
Ida Isabelborn 1896, died Married Joseph Roy Goodey