William Robert Watson (Uncle Will)

William Robert Watson was born on June 30, 1856. He married Alice Eliza Bellette on October 25, 1882.

The photo above was taken on their diamond wedding annniversary in 1942. Uncle Will died the following year on July 18.

Will was well known in the sporting community. Like his father, he was a successful shot with the fowling piece, and a great cricket enthusiast, having been captain of a team on several occasions.

The Bungalow

The Indian-style cottage was built in 1917 by Will and later owned by his nephew Charles Tolman and his wife Vera. The Bungalow remains unaltered except for the replacement of the shingle roof with colorbond and the inclusion of a bathroom on a small section of verandah.

The Tolman family which included children Jack and Olivia, stayed at the Bungalow for up to 8 weeks at a time during the summer, having travelled by ferry. They then wheel-barrowed their luggage from the South Arm jetty. As there is only one bedroom, the children and sometimes their friends used to sleep on the verandah, which had roll-down awnings.

Errol Flynn visited the Bungalow for holidays during the time he was a school friend of Jack Tolman.

The Bungalow changed hands for several years during the 1940s during which time it was used to bilet trainee soldiers, who slept on the verandah.

After a few years, it was re-purchased by Jack Tolman and remained with him until 1999 when it was sold to two local residents Fran Rankin and Midge Moore, who are in the process of restoring it.