George Topfer and Janetter Chilcott

George Topfer was born in Essen, Germany on 2 February 1832. Migrated to Australia with his father George and sister Anna as assisted immigrants on the German ship Johann Caesar which arrived in Moreton Bay (Queensland) on 8 February 1856.

George settled in Warwick, Queensland on a farm. Was a linen weaver by trade before coming to Australia. He lived in Warwick for a number of years then shifted to the Richmond River, New South Wales, where he acquired a farming property at Cumbalum near Ballina.

Married Janet (Janetter) Chilcott of Ballina on 26 August 1862. He established a store and post office at Cumbalum. According to the Post Office, he initially had the contract for Ballina to Emigrant Creek, once weekly by horseback, £20 per year, then Ballina, Emigrant Creek and Tintenbar, twice weekly for £45 per year. Took an interest in public affairs and served several terms as Alderman of the then Ballina Municipal Council during the years 1893 to 1896. George was also a longtime chair or president of the Tintenbar Progress Association.

George was naturalised on 8 July 1873.

George and Janet had 14 children.

John Robertborn 17 Feb 1864, died 14 October 1923Married Mary Jane Sinclair
Hannah Elizabethborn 13 December 1865, died 1901 
Jessieborn 16 December 1867, died  
Georgeborn 2 December 1869, died 8 July 1915Married Minnie Jane Thomson 1894
Herbert Eatonborn 8 July 1872, died 1921 
Walter Thomasborn 7 January 1874, died 1875 
Maryann Julia Marthaborn 10 January 1876, died 1896 
Eva Maudborn 23 April 1878, died 1901 
Amy Maryborn 31 May 1880, died  
Olive Margaretborn 11 October 1882, died 1901 
William Henryborn 8 December 1883, died 1914 
Edward Thomasborn 7 June 1885, died 1939 
Cecile Janetborn 27 July 1888, died  
Janet Berniceborn 27 April 1891, died 1909