Edward Goodwin and Mary Ann Jones

Edward Goodwin, aged 22, was tried and convicted in London for housebreaking. A previous conviction for stealing a watch was also listed. He was tried on 21 March 1835 and sentenced to be transported to Van Diemen's Land for life. He departed England on the Aurora on 27 June 1835.A the time of his trial, Edward's occupations were listed as a bricklayer and farm labourer and his hometown was Bridgenorth , England, but any further detail regarding his life in England were not included. Times were hard, employment was non-existent and life was miserable and desperate in England at the time.

The Aurora arrived in Hobart on 7 October 1835. On arrival in Hobart Town, Edward was assigned to the Town Surveyor and worked on various constructions and projects around the town and nearby areas. Duties included road building, bridge works, laboring on public buildings and so on. He had one minor conviction during this time when he was charged :- For leaving his post whilst on duty followed by :- To be recorded in this man's favour for his praiseworthy exertions upon the occasion of a fire on the premises of Mr. Burke, Elizabeth Street and his case is to be considered for release before the usual period of service 26th December, 1839.

He was granted conditional pardon (No. 542) on 18 June 1842 and Queen Victoria granted an absolute pardon on 20th October 1846. When being transported a written description of the physical appearance of each convict was recorded. Edward was described as being :- 5 feet, 7.75 inches tall, of stocky build and dark brown hair .

Mary Ann Jones arrived in Hobart on the convict ship Hector in 1836. Mary Ann was transported for a number of petty crimes.

Mary Anne and Edward met in Hobart Town. Edward applied for permission to marry Mary Anne on 10 July 1837. Permission was granted, Edward was 24 years and Mary Anne was 22 years.

Edward and Mary Anne had two sons and one daughter.

Edward (aka Edwin) Walterborn 3 Jan 1839, died 26 June 1925 Married Margaret Isabel Chaplin
Richard Charlesborn 1840, died 8 August 1904Married (1) Rosa Annie Weeding (2) Henrietta Alice Chaplin
Emmaborn 1845, died 9 September 1849

Two brothers married to two sisters. Margaret and Henrietta were daughters of Edward Chaplin and Margaret Mackintosh. Richard and Rosa Weeding had one daughter. Richard married Henrietta after Rosa died. Richard and Henrietta had 14 children. One of them, Owen Goodwin was the grandfather of Venessa Goodwin.